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Hi, I'm Moon. My mum and I are the ones behind this blogshop (:

Moonie's Collection
is a blogshop selling 2nd hand items and sometimes 1st hand items too!

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Terms & Conditions

-Don worry, we do not scam

-Items are on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

-Items sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless item sent is wrong or if it is stained.

-No negotiations or bargains will be entertained.

-Payment mode: ATM transfer. Payment via mail at your own risk

-We are not held responsible for any lost or damanged items via normal postage.

-There're people who'd been blacklisted by me, just that they're not listed here.


No meetups unless to my convenience (:

For 1 piece:

For normal postage: add $1.50 unless otherwise stated.

For registered postage price, add $2.50 on top of normal postage ($1.50)

For each subsequent pieces:

Add 50 cents

*NOTE: postage prices may vary according to items' weights. If you're confirmed getting postage, we can advise you on the postage you've to pay.

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Email Add

Item Name and Colour.
(Attach item picture if possible.)

Bank Account Number and Type (in case of refunds)

Normal/Registered Postage

Upon receiving your order...

A confirmation email will be sent to you. Please proceed with your payment within 48hrs. The bank account number (POSB Savings account) will be given to you in the confirmation email we sent you.

After payment...

Email to us your


Mailing Address

Contact Number

Item Name

Back Account Number

Date and Time of transaction

Amount transferred

Your item will then be mailed to you. Upon receiving the item, you may wish to leave us a testimonial here.

If you have not received your item within 1 week, email us to inform us.


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Little Black Dress
Cotton with Jean Chest Wrap Skirt
Spiral Cotton Vest
Grey Baby Doll Top
Zipper Taffeta Dress (black)
Pink Sweetheart Top
White Top with Pink Innerwear
Stripe Acid Wash Dress
Grey Star Oversize Tee
Lacy Pocket Tee in Grey
Eating Zombie Color Tone Dress in White
Pink Checkered Jumper
Grey and White Stripes Dress
Sorry Tee
U2 Purple Top
Checkered Blue Top
Soft Touch Light Denim High Waisted Shorts
Smiling Graphic Tee with Front Pocket (BLUE)
Champagne Gold Ribbon Sling Bag
White Polkastars Dress
Light Pink & Hot Pink Shawls
Sexy V-Neck Dress in Light Pink
Light Pink RhineStone Sandal
Dolly Ribbon Dress
Ribbon Pearl Bracelet
Blue Tie Bow Top
Tri-Colour Dress
Monotone Black Dress
Mitju Gold Ribbon Sandals
New Look Perfume Top
Black Studded Skirt Pants
2 x MAC Vogue Eyeliner
MAC 8pc Brush Set
White Dress from BC
Triumph Tote Bag
3 Way Vintage Bag
Pink Chiffon Top
Charm Top
Brown Leather Jacket
Fold-Up Sleeve Tunic/Dress in Grey
Ysl Inspired Tee in Black
Pure Cotton Silk with Lace Sleeveless - One Piece
Miumiu Inspired Wallet
Flora Romper
Black Tote Bag
Agnes B Tote Bag (White)
Camera E05 Tee
Black Cutie Sailor Top
MING Blouse
Sorbet Babydoll Top
Bodycon Dress
VS Tote Bag
Black Strappy Heels
OPI Nail Lacquer in "We'll Always Have A Paris"
Yellow Cardigan
Ribbon Hearts Printed Stockings
Skull Tee
Basic Black Top with White Collar
Black Adela
Halter Neck Blue-White Flowery Dress
Yellow Top with Pleats
Size 34 Basic Black Wedges
Striped Top with Vest
Pink Lacy
Light Denim Jacket
White Puma Jacket
Blue Flower Romper
Blue Polka Dots Romper
White Off Shoulder
Woman Ring
Black Tee with Red Tie Shirt
Red Tee with Black Wordings
BC Lucy Liu Inspired Dress (S)
Floral Maxi
Checkered Blue White Romper
Big Heart Shoulder-off Top
Pink Long Sleeve with Laces
Dark Blue Ribbon Dress
Crumpled Yellow Ribbon Top
Lace + Polka Dot Dress
Black and blue dress w buttons
Simple white dress
White Buttoned Shirt
Pink Sweet Top with Bow
Sweet Pink Laced Sleeveless Top
Versatile 2 way top (Black)

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Monday, March 29, 2010

How to sell your items with us?

How to sell your items with us?

Too many clothes in your wardrobe?

Too many unworn clothes?

Too many belts?

Too many bags?

Too many earrings?

Too many shoes/slippers/wedges?

Clothes / footwear etc don't fit you?

No space in your wardrobe for new clothes?

Don't have your own blogshop?

Start selling your items with us now!

We do not earn commissions. All is required of you is a small fee imposed for selling with us (read purple text below)

How to sell?

Step 1: Simply email us with the picture(s) of the apparel(s) and/or items together with any information you want to include (eg. length, width etc).

Step 2: We will post your item(s) on our page as soon as we can and send you a confirmation email when we have posted the items up.

Step 3: Upon confirmation that the information uploaded is correct, we will send you an email with our bank account number to which you will transfer the amount payable (read text in purple) for selling your items with us (also known as the "advertising fee") within 48hours. Upon doing so, remember to drop us an email together with the amount transferred and date and time of transaction. Also, remember to keep the transaction receipt as proof of transaction(: (For ibanking users, email us your ibanking nick and date and time of transaction. Thanks)

To calculate the amount payable ("advertising fee"), read the following details:

Due to the overwhelming response, w.e.f. 15th May 2010, babes who want to sell their items with us will have to make a payable fee of 7% of the total price of items they want to sell.

Eg 1: For instance, if you wish to sell item A at $20 and item B at $10, the advertising fee will therefore be:

7% x ($20 + $10) = $2.10

*No refunds will be given if you decide to lower the selling price of your item.
*No refund will be given if you decide to withdraw the item from Moonie's Collection.
*We are not responsible for any unsuccessful sales of any items.
*If you're selling 2 of the same kind of items, only 1 of that item will be included in the calculation of the advertising fee.
*If the advertising fee calculated is an odd number (Eg. $2.14), we will round up or round down to the nearest cents depending on the calculated value.

(NOTE: unpaid amounts will result in removal of items from the blog)

Step 4: Wait for customers.

Step 5: Liase with customers personally. We will not interfere as to how you want to deliver your item to the buyer. We will also not interfere how you want to receive payment. You are the boss of the item you want to sell. It's your choice!

Step 6: Don't forget to drop us an email upon successful sale(s) of your item(s) so that we can remove it/them from the blog to avoid confusion.

You're done!

Easy right? What are you waiting for? Start snapping pics of the item you want to sell and mail to us right away!

We understand that the payment part might cause some confusion, so don't be hesitant to email us at about it (: Feel free to bombard us with any queries you have before being a part of us!



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